The Importance of Collaboration in G Suite to Support WFH

Sending and receiving emails is a small part of G Suite, Collaboration, Security, storage, and user-friendliness are the strongest assets of G Suite which are the necessities of any organization.

The Importance of Collaboration in G Suite to Support WFH

Collaboration is one of the key pillars in increasing the productivity and efficiency of any organization. As work-from-home(WFH) is increasingly becoming the new normal, the world is embracing the cloud solution to minimize the time required to complete any project while maximizing the efficiency of the team. The ability to access your data and continue working on your projects from any geographic location is becoming increasingly necessary. In this scenario, Google Suite is emerging as one of the key platforms wherein a single ecosystem, you are getting an emailing platform (Gmail) as well as office tools to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues while you continue working from home seamlessly.

In this article, we will be focusing on the collaboration tools of G Suite.

The Collaboration tools of G Suite are essentially Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive.

  • G-Docs is a Google Powered word processor used for documentation purposes.
  • G-Slide is a Google Powered presentation program that allows its users to collaborate on a project/presentation for faster completion. 

G-Sheets is a Google Powered SpreadSheet format within Google Drive. However, it varies drastically to the others of its kind as it provides a link to be shared with other team members and while reducing the time required to complete the task at hand for a team, it also increases the efficiency, productivity, and time management of the firm as a whole.

The following images will provide a rough idea of how a Google Sheet looks like and how it works.

Sharing is an important part of Collaboration between colleagues  to increase productivity and efficiency. Helps in Quickly completing the task at hand, which will take a long time to complete by multiple individuals if they are stuck with the legacy system. To share any G Doc (Document) and G-Sheet to collectively and collaboratively work together among the colleagues is the most important function of the Office Tools Provided by G Suite and through only a few clicks.

Just click on  “Share” at the top right corner to share with your colleague(s).

Once you share the document/sheet/slide  you will receive the following email:


You can just click open-in Sheets and Start helping out your team members. Also, you can share the link of the page for easy and faster access to the sheet/doc after sharing the same. It’s as simple as it sounds.

You can collaborate with your colleagues and complete the task at hand very quickly. But from a security perspective, the ones who do not have access to the sheet will not be able to work on the same.


Once the document is completed, you can review and track the work done by each resource simply by checking the “version history” & “activity dashboard”.



It is always color-coded. So, if Mr. X wishes to edit the entries of Mr. Y, then you can easily check and verify the reasons for taking the actions.

Furthermore, you can assign/enquire the progress of any project or any particular part of the project  with the following steps:



The above is also applicable for G-Docs, G-Sheets, and G-Slides.

For example, in Google Docs, you can collaborate as shown in the image provided below:



The drive is the storage place where all your docs/sheets/slides, along with the emails and other files you wish to upload from your system like PDFs, Images, etc are stored.

G-drive can be accessed easily from the G Suite apps.


Now, Shared Drive is the special feature of G Suite’s Business & Enterprise Editions. Shared Drive is a shared space where individuals can easily store, search, and access their team documents and work from any device like laptops, desktops, or mobile phones. Unlike the files in My Drive, the files that are in Shared Drives belong to the team instead of any individual. If a member leaves and the admin deletes their accounts, the files are not lost. 


Here you can create different folders for different teams and share the relevant files of the respective teams. For example, the HR team needs to keep track of the employees and their respective performance along with other fields. Creating different folders is very simple as shown below.




After clicking “send” the chosen members will be getting an image as shown below:


The members once added, files/documents can be shared or created which will be visible to them only. You can grant different access levels to different users.


Now, you can get the other following functions if you click on the dropdown of your Shared Drive Folder.

From the security point of view, if you click on the settings, you will get the following options.


Where you can enforce the following protocols.




In My Drive, the documents can be shared with individuals outside of your organization, however, in Shared Drive it can be restricted even at the end-user level. The best part of G Suite’s Business or Enterprise is you get unlimited storage space in G-Drive if the no.of users are more than 4 and hence storage will never be a concern.

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