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Google Vault for Gmail Confidential Messages and Jamboard Files

Google vault has been the ultimate solution for backing up the data of G Suite. Now it is introducing special features through which the Gmail Confidential messages, as well as the Jamboard files, can be backed up through it.

Google Vault for Gmail Confidential Messages and Jamboard Files

Google Apps Vault is a web-based service used for searching, archiving, retaining and exporting data. Except for emails and chat messages, the other forms of data that are supported by Google Vault are listed below :

  1. Google Drive and Team Drive Files

  2. Google Groups

  3. Conversations in Hangouts Chat

Google Vault provides the facility to retain, hold, search, and export data to support your organization’s retention and eDiscovery needs. It adds support for new data types so that you can comprehensively govern your organization’s data. Google has added a few other forms of data that will be also supported by Google Vault.

  1. Confidential mode Emails

  2. Jamboard Files.

Gmail Confidential Mode Emails

Gmail confidential mode allows the users to restrict recipients' access to sensitive email content. It allows the sender to add an “expiration date” to the emails. Once the date is over, the email is no longer accessible by the recipient. Now onwards, Google vault can be used to retain, hold, search and export the confidential mode emails with the following terms :

  1. Confidential emails sent to external recipients: Google vault will support the email sent in confidential mode even after the date expires. It will include the mail header, mail content as well as the attachments sent through the mail. The mail, as well as the attachments, can be exported.

  1. Confidential emails received from an external sender: The users of an organisation might receive the emails in confidential mode from the external parties. Google Vault will also support those emails, provided only mail header and subjects can be viewed. You can not search or export the mail content or the attachments once the expiration date is over.

Jamboard files stored in Google Drive

With this launch on March 7, 2019, Google Vault will support the Google Jamboard files stored in the Google Drive. Google Vault will allow to retain, hold, search and export the Jamboard files in a similar way the Google Drive files are done. All the retention policies applied to Google Drive are applicable to the Jams in Drive.

The Jamboard Files can be preserved through the Drive holds. The Jamboard data can be searched through the Drive Files or “type:jam “ can be used to search them particularly. You can even preview and export the jams on a need basis.

The feature is available to G Suite Business, Enterprise, and Enterprise for Education editions, as well as to G Suite users using the Vault add-on license.

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