Infiflex Enabling Business to Run on AWS

INFIFLEX, with more than 10 years of strong industry experience, has provided an extensive range of change management & digital transformations across the AWS cloud platforms. Infiflex has implemented multiple large-scale cloud-based services that readily help in organizational development. The technical experience of Infiflex in the AWS platform shows our market penetration and increasing shareholdings over the years.

What are AWS?

As one of the leading cloud computing platforms, Amazon Web Services provides a cloud ecosystem involving database, computing, storage, content delivery, and networking to individuals as well as large organizations.

What you can do with AWS Cloud Platform?

Increase Global Presence

AWS has one of the largest numbers of data centers all over the world extending through 25 different geographic regions.

Wide range of products

AWS has more than 200 services for various use cases concerning any individual.

Secure architecture

With 6,500 government agencies using AWS, it has one of the most secure architectures to prevent any DDOS attack.

Flexible Pricing

With pay-as-you-go and long-term committed pricing models customers get the flexibility to pay according to their usage.

Auto Scalability

AWS offers unlimited scalability according to the demand and can be automated for minimum involvement of admin.

Ready to deploy applications

AWS marketplace has over 2,700 products ready to be deployed without any infrastructure management.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Provides Two Great Deals

Infiflex Technologies Pvt Ltd

Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail is a cloud platform that's cost-effective, fast, & reliable with an easy-to-use interface. It's ideal for simpler workloads, quick deployments, and getting started on AWS.
Lightsail proves to be the best for:

  • Simple web applications
  • Dev/Test environments
  • Websites, including custom code, WordPress, and eCommerce
  • Single-server business software
Infiflex Technologies Pvt Ltd

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 is a compute web service that offers secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed for scalable deployments and optimizing your workloads.

  • Enterprise applications
  • Migrations from on-premises environments, including BYOL
  • HPC, Big Data, and Analytics workloads (e.g. Hadoop, Spark)
  • Application modernization

Why Choose Infiflex as Your AWS Consulting Partner

At Infiflex, we put customer experience at the core of everything. When it comes to delivering solution, we don't begin with technology.

Over the past 10 years, Infiflex has extensively penetrated the cloud market joining hands with AWS to provide the most suitable solution to the clients.

With a dedicated team of AWS-trained and certified resources, Infiflex can address any challenges that you may face on your journey to AWS.

Having expertise in Cloud solutions such as application & web hosting, process automation, cloud migration, disaster recovery, IOT solution, support services, to name a few, gives Infiflex an advantage over other service providers.


Does AWS have any service to prevention DDOS attacks?

Yes, Amazon does have a service called AWS shield that protects against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Will there be any data loss during the migration process?

No, there will be no loss of data during the migration from on-premise to cloud.

What is the difference between AWS EC2 and Amazon Lightsail?

In lightsail, a virtual machine is offered in a package with SSD storage, data transfer, DNS management, and a static IP. It is ideal for small scale simple web applications. Whereas an EC2 instance is just a compute service designed for enterprise applications and other highly scalable deployments.

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