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Dedicated Hangouts Meet IP Addresses

This feature is basically identified in video conferencing traffic arising from Hangouts Meet.

Dedicated Hangouts Meet IP Addresses

Google is changing rapidly on creating Hangouts Meet a full-featured video conferencing solution. The latest enterprise-focussed feature sees Google add fixed IP addresses for the G Suite service.

These IP addresses are “to be used mainly for classic Hangouts and Hangouts Meet in G Suite domains.” This is pointed to allowing corporate admins and IT departments to identify video conferencing traffic originating from Hangouts Meet.

Hangouts Meet IP addresses allow to recognize the G Suite video conference traffic. Use the IPs to:

  • Open the Meet’s TCP and UDP ports for Meet IP’s

  • Avoid the tunneling or DPI for Meet IP’s

  • Reduce the latency by providing the shortest path possible to the internet to Meet traffic

These IP ranges to whitelist the Hangouts Meet’s media servers are below, while Google notes that traffic is secured and encrypted with “no need to restrict traffic to the G Suite IPs.”

  • IPv4:

  • IPv6: 2001:4860:4864:5::0/64

However, Hangouts Meet and classic Hangouts will stop using the old IP address on February 14, 2019. This change might interfere with previous network optimization you might have set up, we recommend adopting these IP addresses as part of your firewall & network configuration.

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