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Google Calendar Usage Limits

Like other services of Google, it has also set some usage limits for Google calendar. By switching to the paid edition, you can get a better usage experience.

Google Calendar Usage Limits

Google has always been strict about enterprise-level security concerns and has implemented several policies to maintain it. The technology leader is absolutely against spamming and prevents its users from any activity which can lead to spam.

Google calendar is an application of G Suite which can be used to create events, send invitations, manage meeting rooms, etc. 

In order to prevent spamming, Google has set some usage limits for the calendar. The limits are set above the normal activity level of typical calendar users. If the limits are exceeded, then the calendar automatically goes to read-only mode. The read-only mode does not allow the user to create or edit events.

Results of exceeding usage limits :

When the usage limits are exceeded, the following error messages appear:

  • UNABLE TO SAVE EVENT: This error message arrives when you have reached the limit of a number of events you can create or edit.

  • CALENDAR USAGE LIMIT EXCEEDED: This error message is a result of API call.

  • THERE WAS A PROBLEM SAVING YOUR CHANGES. PLEASE TRY AGAIN AFTER SOMETIME: This error message arrives after reaching the limit and also specifies it.

Now, let’s see what are the usage limits which should be taken care of :


Creating new events: If you create more than 1,00,000 events within a short period of time, then you can lose the editing capability for a couple of hours. The time can extend to months until the limit type is fully replenished.

Creating new calendars: If more than 60 new calendars are created, then your calendar will go to read-only mode. The time can stretch over a couple of hours until the limit type is fully replenished.

Sending invitations to external guests: If you send more than 10,000 calendar invites to external guests, it will also result in sending your calendar to read-only mode. External guests include those who are not part of your primary or secondary domain. 

Sending an email through calendar events: You won’t be able to send more than 2000 emails through the ‘Email Guests’ feature to external users. The users in your primary and secondary domain won’t be counted as external users. This limit type is usually replenished within 24 hours.

Sharing calendars with multiple users: If you share your calendar with more than 750 users within a short period of time, you will lose the ability to share your calendar for a couple of hours. 

Important Note - The usage limits of Calendar vary for the G Suite Paid accounts and the G Suite unpaid accounts. Like the usage limits for G Suite standard edition, G Suite Education and G Suite trial accounts have lower limits than the G Suite paid editions. It is advised to switch to the paid edition for experiencing better usage of Google calendar.

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