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New Changes in Hangout Meet by Google

The increase in participants for Meet by Google Hangout is a wonderful change as it will bring more participants to join all around the world thereby increasing the productivity and efficiency of the organization.

New Changes in Hangout Meet by Google

G Suite is the corporate version of Gmail which is used as a communication and collaboration tool.  Hangout Meet comes under the communication part of G Suite. Google launched the video conferencing app called Meet by Google Hangouts to use it for holding meetings at ease. The web and mobile applications are the new additions in G Suite. It is used for holding video conferencing inside and outside of the organization domain. People can join hangout meeting from a computer, laptop and mobile or using a conference room Hangout Meet Kit.


Depending on the plan of G Suite being used, a limited number of participants can join a video conference in an extended capacity.


Previously the limits were as follows- 


But recently the participant limit has been increased for all G Suite editions.


  • For G Suite Basic edition from 25 now 100 people can be added at a time.

  • For G Suite Business edition from 50 now 150 people can be added at a time.

  • For G Suite Enterprise edition from 100 now 250 people can be added at a time.


But why such a change?


Meeting with teammates, clients or customers can be done in large numbers. That is why the number of participants has been increased for meetings in large groups. It will save a lot of time as well as more participants can be added at one go.

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