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Google Hangouts Chat: A Core Service

Hangouts Chat app is born with all advanced features which helps us work efficiently, built using Artificial Intelligence technology which is highly appreciated and trusted in today's market. Thus saving our time by being more productive within itself. What more does an organization wants !!!

Google Hangouts Chat: A Core Service

Google had announced some new products and features for its G Suite portfolio to help collaborate better than before. As part of that announcement, Google had introduced Hangouts Chat separately, which now comes as a core service.

From a direct reply to group conversations, Chat helps everyone collaborate easily and efficiently. This new feature involves modification and deletion of the chat history of 1:1 direct messages. This feature will also be ‘ON’ by default.

  • Easily work along with other G Suite apps. : You can easily upload items from Drive, collaborate on Docs, Sheets, Slides and Sites. Also, join Hangouts Meets for conferencing. With the effective search bar, you can find the occupancy or vacancy of rooms.

  • Use artificial intelligence to speed up workflows. : This ‘search files and rooms’ is nothing but an Artificial Intelligence, which speeds up your work (I.e ) getting the optimization of automatic suggestion of rooms.

  • Collaborate with colleagues around the globe. : Chat now has 28 languages support and can support upto 8,000 members in a room. It runs on Windows, MacOS, as well as iOS and Android platforms.

Features introduced :

The Smart Reply feature is added in Hangouts Chat, similar to Gmail, the feature would give users up to three reply options to select, edit, send which will save time. This Smart Reply in Hangouts Chat uses machine learning intelligence in the backend that recognises which messages most likely need a reply, and provides up to 3 different responses option. This AI-powered feature helps faster by showing predictive text and suggestions based on the common phrases typed by you.

Smart Reply :

Now you can Share any Type of File with Hangouts chat like Google Docs, Sheet and Slide. You can also use Drive file picker or copy and paste Drive links. This helps you grant/change permissions of the file so people can access it.

Share and Work with Chat :

Search your messages by using a Dedicated Search tab provided, You can use filters like a person, file or links. There is a more granular notification control added for things such as @mentions.

Search and Send direct messages to an individual or a group :



Google has also introduced Room into Hangouts Chat, Here you can add and remove anyone at any time. Supports Multiple threaded conversations. Message history is ON by default, and messages are retained according to your organization's policy. Also, users are notified for conversations they're in, by @mentioned, Users can leave and rejoin. Users can have two or more rooms with the same set of people also.

Create a Room :


Hence for an application with “Chat” in the name, which lets us create group conversations called “Rooms,” “Dedicated Search”, “Smart reply” etc. Hangouts Chat does not offer a Chatroom or time saving newly feature experiences.

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