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How You Benefit from Smart Reply and Smart Typing in Gmail?

Smart reply is an automated intelligence feature in Google Mail that saves time and effort.

How You Benefit from Smart Reply and Smart Typing in Gmail?

Google has brought a beautiful feature in Gmail. A few months back Google introduced a smart reply characteristic in Gmail. It works like a suggestion reply when you get a mail from someone. To make replying easy Google has introduced this feature into Gmail, that saves time and reduces your effort in replying. Here is an example below :

Smart reply gives you THREE responses based on the email you received --

As you can see in the above picture there are THREE options which have popped up as a suggestion or smart reply. Once you reply to that mail you even get an option to edit or add some new words or sentences to it.

Auto suggestion while typing a mail is also a great feature introduced in Gmail.

This is clearly an automated machine learning process that keeps on improving as you keep on using the feature. This feature is available in the inbox by Gmail. It is even available in Android and IOS devices used in Gmail app.


  1. Saves time

  2. Increases efficiency

  3. Reduces effort

  4. Keep improving with the usage

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