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Creating a Firebase App on the Firebase Console

Firebase lets you build a more powerful, secure and scalable app using world-class infrastructure.

Creating a Firebase App on the Firebase Console

Firebase is a Google's mobile and web application development platform. It helps you develop your apps on top of Google Cloud Platform, and engage with your user base. Originally the platform was developed by Firebase, Inc. in 2011, then acquired by Google in 2014. As of October 2018, the Firebase platform encompasses 18 products which are used by 1.5 million applications.

Firebase can power your apps’ backend including data storage, user authentication statics hosting, and more, while you focus on creating extraordinary user experiences. Build cross-platform native mobile and web apps JavaScripts SDKs. You can also connect Firebase to your existing backend using server-side libraries or REST API.

How to access the firebase

  • On your computer, open a Chrome browser.
  • Go to the firebase console
  • Click on add project




Firebase Features

  • Seamless data sync with respect to the offline mode
  • Client libraries across all major platforms
  • Built-in security and easy authentication
  • Hosting of your entire application end to end
  • Rules base triggers: create a business rule without writing server-side code


Real-time database: firebase supports JSON data and all the users connected to it receive live updates after every change.


Authentication: you can use anonymous, password or different social authentications.


Hosting: The application can be deployed over a secure connection to the firebase server


Firebase value

  • Best way to launch, build and grow your mobile strategy
  • Rapid development and iteration:

Time to value is key for the mobile project

  • Backendless development free you to focus on your apps user experience
  • Your data sync seamlessly even when offline; let firebase handle spotty network connectionCross-platform mobile development  


Firebase Advantages

  • Being backed by Google Cloud Platform,
  • Firebase allows you to scale your apps to billions of users seamlessly
  • Since your code is stored in Google's cloud and runs in a managed environment, there is no need to manage and scale your own servers
  • It's simple and user-friendly no need for complicated configuration
  • The data is a real-time which means that every change will automatically update connected clientsFirebase offers simple control dashboard
  • There are a number of useful services to choose from


Firebase Limitation

  • Firebase free plan is a limited to 50 connections and 100MB of storage

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