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Security Codes are Now More Secure

The new additional feature security codes are now more secure in G Suite with some latest options available. This article basically focus on elaborating this feature and to make you knowledgeable about its utilization.

Security Codes are Now More Secure

Security code  is a feature newly added in June 2019 for G Suite users. It is basically a one time password or code generated by the security key and can be utilised for login purpose in legacy platforms where the security key can not function directly. Security key enhances the security significantly. In such situations where a security key can't communicate with the browser directly, by generating a security code you can gain the required access. Although, using security key without security codes, allows you to get maximum protection against phishing. To enable security codes, Administrator of the organisation can follow the below steps: Admin Console>> Security>> advance security settings. There you have to select " user may utilise security code" to avail the feature. 

Google has come up with an additional option for the  G Suite Users to utilise the security code facility. This helps you to stop the use of the security codes in the same network or device from which they are generated. In accordance with Google's analysis, security codes are mainly used with those applications which have legacy authentication on devices using such browsers which allow security key. Administrator of the organisation can turn this feature ON by following the below steps: Admin Console>> Security>> advance security settings.

With this new update of security codes, three options will be available. 

  1. “Don’t allow users to generate security code” : prior to this update it was possible for the users to generate the security code from their end. This facility was available by default. But now this is restricted.

  2. “Allow security codes without security access” : User can use security codes and can utilise them on the same device or the same local network. This is an absolutely new option.

  3. “Use security codes with remote access” : Not only for the same devices and networks but users can do the same in other network and devices as well. It is the same as it is possible in the previous version of security codes.

This feature is available in all versions of G Suite. Although for the Enterprise version,  a different advanced protection program is available. This feature will not be enabled by default but available for customising in OU, group and domain levels.

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