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Microsoft Planner - O365

Microsoft Planner is a task management application for Microsoft office teams. It is an online subscription service offered as part of Office 365. Users can quickly create new plans in a Kanban-board type workspace.

Microsoft Planner - O365

Introduction of Microsoft Planner

  • Microsoft Planner is a planning application available on the MS Office 365 platform. 

  • The application is available to business, premium and educational subscribers to Office 365.

  • On June 6, 2016 Microsoft team made the application available for general release and scheduled to roll it out over coming weeks to eligible subscription plans.

Microsoft Planner, a suitable tool for the following use cases

  • managing small projects

  • agile approaches like Kanban or Scrum

  • where no resources or capacities need to be managed

  • where no dependencies between the tasks are required

  • linking Project Online Client via a standard interface or via third-party tools

Features of the Microsoft Planner  

  1. Better organization of tasks by topics - In contrast to an ordinary task list, Planner allows you to design and structure all tasks visually. They can be displayed in theme-related sections. You can name these buckets individually.

  2. Always keep track, thanks to dashboards - Each plan in Microsoft Planner includes a dashboard. This is where you can analyze tasks according to their status or belonging to a plan. Different charts visualize project progress and show which tasks are overdue.

  1. At the Office, on Your Desktop or on Mobile Devices - Microsoft Planner is available on different devices: online and as a mobile application. This applies to iOS devices as well as Android phones or tablets.

What to Use Microsoft Planner for?

  • Microsoft To-Do: This is an individual tool for task management. Currently, you can merely create your own to-do lists which makes the tool useful for individuals only. Microsoft To-Do is a further development of Wunderlist and focuses on the individual productivity of a person.

  • Microsoft Planner: Using Microsoft Planner, you can create a plan, assign tasks, compile a team and update the status of the associated tasks. Agile work methods are supported, for example with the Kanban board on which tasks can be moved using drag & drop. Microsoft Planner is of great benefit when used within a team but also for the individual representation of the tasks assigned to one person.

  • Project Online: Project Online is the full-fledged tool for project, portfolio and resource management. Mapping dependencies between processes and recalculating the entire schedule in case of delays as well as a central resource pool are only three of the many differences compared to Microsoft Planner.

Components of an Office 365 Group Belonging to MS Planner

  • Shared inbox: For email communication among the members of your group.

  • Shared calendar: For planning events related to the group.

  • SharePoint document library: A central place to store and share files for the group.

Shared OneNote notebook: For collecting ideas, research data and information.

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