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Fuchsia- an Operating System by Google

To sum it up, fuchsia operating system gives you a better user interface (UI) as well as superior user experience (UX). Fuchsia introduces a modern react-style framework, animations, ready-made widgets. Fuchsia OS may become the best replacement for android in the coming years.

Fuchsia- an Operating System by Google

Fuchsia is an operating system developed by Google. In August 2016 a project came on Github with no official announcement and then people came to know about Fuchsia. This OS is completely based on a new microkernel known as "Zircon" (formerly "Magenta"). It is the best alternative for the android which was developed using Linux Kernel.

The GitHub suggests that Fuchsia can run on various platforms like Embedded systems, Smartphones, Tablets and personal computers. In May 2017, Fuchsia was updated with a user interface (UI) along with a developer writing for the project.

Fuchsia is completely built by Google and it is absolutely open source. It is written with the help of multiple programming languages such as C, C++, Go, Rust, Dart. Fuchsia was first released in Aug 2016. The below screenshot is having the detailed information about technicalities.


  • Fuchsia's user interface (UI) and apps are completely written with Flutter which is a software development kit allowing cross-platform development.

  • Fuchsia offers apps with high performance which runs at 120 frames per second.

  • The fuchsia OS is even used in the driverless car by Google.

  • Fuchsia enables the developers to write code for apps, programs, and tools that work on all of Google’s platforms.

Why Fuchsia:

  • Fuchsia is more flexible as compared to the currently running Latest Android version.

  • Fuchsia is having more functionality over android.

  • Fuchsia comes with easier codes.

  • Fuchsia may become a replaceable option for Linux Kernel and Android.

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