Formulas You Must Know While Working in Google Spreadsheets

Must know formulas for easy working in Google Spreadsheets

Formulas You Must Know While Working in Google Spreadsheets

Businesses have been growing enormously for the past two decades and they will keep growing in the near future. As the Business grows, so their data too. And in order to make a business successful, the statistics have to be right and precise enough to chalk out the future statistics to be safe in the market.

The question this can be done??? How the data can be made precise and informative in order to support future needs???

If you are also looking for answers to question like this then you have landed at the right place…!!!

To become a pro in Google Spreadsheet and play with numbers and generate precise statistics one should be well-versed with the basics. So before anyone jumps into the advanced hacks one should be aware of the must-know formulas which cater to the needs and helps in overall functioning.

These formulas help you to get the desired output if you are able to use the right formula at the right time.

These must-know formulas are listed below:

  • COUNTIF() Function

  • Updating Current Date with TODAY() Formula

  • TEXT() to Convert Numbers into Currency Format

  • Dividing Data into Multiple Cells Using SPLIT()

  • SEARCH() Function to Check Value in a String

  • Appending Multiple Cells using CONCATENATE()

  • Vertical Lookup with VLOOKUP() Function

  • IF() Function to Check the Condition of a Logical Expression

  • Returning the Cell Error Value by IFERROR()

  • IMPORTRANGE() for Importing a Range of Cells

  • IMPORTFEED() for Importing an RSS or ATOM Feed

  • Predicting the Growth Trend using GROWTH()

  • Replacing Existing Text with New Text using SUBSTITUTE()

  • Importing Data from a Website Using IMPORTXML()

  • Extracting Substrings using REGEXEXTRACT()

  • Transposing Rows and Columns with TRANSPOSE()

  • QUERY() Function for Running a Google Visualization API Query

  • ARRAYFORMULA() to Enable the Display of Values Returned from an Array Formula

The above formulas can cater to one’s basic requirements for a desired output. However, in large organizations, these basic formulas are only used collectively for obtaining a desired result.

One should be aware of at least these above formulas in Google Spreadsheet for easy evaluation of data in Sheets.

Hope these will be effective and informative….

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