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Activate MDM in O365

In this article, we will discuss how to set up Mobile device management for Microsoft Office 365.

Activate MDM in O365

Mobile device management is a crucial part of a mailing solution to detect the activity and control the devices associated with Business or Official email Id 's. The built-in Mobile Device Management (MDM) for O365 enables you to secure and manage your users' mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Windows phones. Customized security policies, device wiping and controlling the device through MDM is possible.

You need to open your O365 admin and go to the below link for activation.

For setup of MDM, you need to activate the services by the following link-

You need to add the below CNAME records for MDM in the domain DNS panel in the next step-

Make sure to install the free Intune Company Portal app from Google Play in phone

Follow the below steps for installing Company portal app:

  1. Download the company portal App and install it in mobile.

  2. Open the application.

  3. Sign in with your domain ID.

4. Accept the terms and conditions

5. Sign in with company account.

6. Tap to continue to the Access setup page.

7. Click on continue on the next screen.

8. Tap to enroll on the next screen

9. Allow Company Portal to make calls and access contacts.

10. In the Administrator screen tap activate

11. Enter a PIN or PASSWORD if prompted in the next screen.

12. The next screen will show you that the device is being enrolled.

13. In Company access setup screen, TAP to Begin first and then click on continue on the next screen.

14. The device setup will complete and show you that the device is enrolled.

15. Click on continue.

16. Click on Done on the next screen.

17. The device enrollment completes.

After that go to Security and compliance under Admin centres

Go to Data loss prevention

Go to Device management

You can find the device there and can manage it.

Note that the Company Portal app is just to connect the device to your O365 admin.

Later you have to install the other O365 application to use mail, calendar, etc.

**Note that for IoS, you have to install Apple push certificate.**


Now you can create custom policies for device management.

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