User Activity Status with Google Chat

Google Chat helps improve our messaging experience and we can share documents, Images, Meeting Links and more. It can also help Manager’s and HR’s to monitor employee active status.This feature has really helped organisations during WFH to reduce stress of Micro-monitoring.

User Activity Status with Google Chat

Google Chat helps business users collaborate from anywhere and take group work to the next level with chat, shared files and tasks.

You can create virtual rooms to keep projects organized and on track. It supports external users, 28 languages and 8,000 participants per room.

Use Chat to collaborate seamlessly on content with Docs, Sheets, and Slides.You can  easily find previous conversations and Google files with a search, Let bots and smart suggestions help you connect with participants and get more done, easily and faster.

Let’s consider another aspect of using Chat. It can also be used in organization in order to track Activity status.

To track Employee Activity during Work from Home is a really difficult task for all the organization and most importantly for Managers and HR. If you are using Google Chat in your organisation as a messaging platform then we have a solution for you, If not start using Google Chat.

Check someone's availability in Chat or Gmail:


 Do not disturb

 Away (in last 15 minutes)

 Away (more than 15 minutes)

Chat includes similar Hangouts features like Direct Messages and group, with helpful additions like send to inbox, faster search, emoji reactions and suggested replies.

Steps you need to follow in order to track Employees Active Status:

1.Go to your Hangout.

2.Click on Name.

3.Click on the option.

4.Click checkbox which says: 

  • Show when you were last Active. 
  • Show which device you are on. - This will help you understand if the other person is logged In via Phone, Tablet or Computer.   

 “Google Chat Audit Log is another very useful feature gaining popularity with corporates.” 


 Please find the screenshot in the article for better understanding and let us reduce our workload of monitoring.

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