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Upgrade Your G Suite Plan from Basic or Business Edition

Based on the workflow and the requirement the administrator can upgrade from their existing G Suite version to a higher version through the Admin console.

Upgrade Your G Suite Plan from Basic or Business Edition

G Suite- G Suite for Work is a suite of web applications created by Google for Businesses. G Suite account will give access to Gmail on the preferred domain and 30GB of Google Drive storage per user. 

G Suite helps users to work on Any Device, from anywhere and at any time. The platform provides Admin Console with 2 step verification, Single sign-On, Password monitoring and strength control, Mobile Device Management to name a few. It can be classified into two major sections based on features.

For Communication - Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Chat, Meet- Video Conferencing.

For Storage and Collaboration- Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Google +

There are three editions of G Suite which are available in the market. Based on the requirements and the organizational workflow, Admins can choose accordingly.

            G Suite Basic

           G Suite Business

           G Suite 

Now with time, an organization may require to upgrade the respective G Suite Plan in order to maintain the workflow without any hassle. In that case, the Administrator can upgrade the G Suite Edition from the Admin Console.

 Upgrade Process

1.Login to Administrative Account.

2. From the Admin console, go to Billing.

3. Under available upgrades, next to G Suite Business or G Suite Enterprise or more option.

4. In the bottom right, click Get Started.

5. Click ContinueCheck the box, read the terms of the agreement and continue.

Key Benefits of Business when compared to Basic


Features                                    Basic Business                      

                Storage space                                           30 GB                                       Unlimited

Video Conferencing Limit                   100 people                                  150 people

Mobile audit and alerts                       Not available                                 Available

Audit and reporting features              Not available                                Available

Advanced Drive control                      Not available                                Available

Vault                                                      Not available                                Available

Cloud search                                        Not available                                Available



Key Benefits of Enterprise when compared to Business


         Features                                                Business                         Enterprise


Video conferencing Limit                             150 people                          250 people

Enhanced Drive Security                              Not available                        Available

Email and image scanning                           Not available                        Available

                    Automated Mobile-Device Management      Not available                        Available

Information privacy protection and IRM (Information Rights 

 Management)   Not available                       Available


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