Phone Verification Prompt Makes Google Account Sign up Now Highly Secured

Google is making account sign in highly secured by enabling phone prompt verification as a primary verification method of 2 step verification process. Now you can automatically detect from where when the account is signed in, if it is already signed in on your smartphone.

Phone Verification Prompt Makes Google Account Sign up Now Highly Secured

From July 7, 2020 Google has made phone verification prompts as a primary 2 step verification method for all eligible users. It means if you sign to your Google account and previously signed up through your smartphone, then it will ask you to follow the mobile prompts in order to verify the login attempt.

It won’t be enabled if you are already using a security key to protect your Google account. In that case you will have other options during the phone prompt verification steps, such as code received by text.

How does it benefit?

Phone prompts are highly secured in comparison to other security methods like text or voice codes. Even it is easier to use as it doesn’t require changing any settings manually. This setting will help to make Google accounts highly secured and increase the ease of access.

How does it work?

When you enter the password in order to sign in to your Google account, you will automatically be prompted ‘trying to sign in?’  in all the mobile devices you are attempting to sign in. In this way, you will be able to know who is trying to access your account and accordingly, you can confirm or block that device. You will not receive any prompts if you signed off from that account on your phone. 

Who can access?

Admin: This feature will be turned on by default. Admin can only turn off this feature according to the need of security keys.

User: This feature will be turned on by default and can be disabled from the user end.

Availability: Available for all G Suite customers.

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