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Meet Quality Tool in G Suite Being Used to View Data for Only Selected Call Participants

Meet Quality Tool helps us to declutter the video conference screen and display only the relevant data of the participants that we want to view.

Meet Quality Tool in G Suite Being Used to View Data for Only Selected Call Participants

Google Meet :

Google launched its video-conferencing application tool called Google Hangout Meet which is designed for HD video conferencing.

Google Meet Tools :

Meet Quality Tools are designed to help us in troubleshooting while in a video conference in real-time and understand the cause of the same. This tool gives us quick access to meeting information in our domain. To use Meet Quality Tool, one needs to be a super admin or should have delegated admin privilege. View data in meet help select specific participants and this helps us to view data and statistics only for a selected participant. 

It is useful when viewing calls with many participants and we want to view only the relevant information. This can be done by just selecting participants from the list present on the left-hand side of the meeting details page. It helps us to limit the amount of information displayed at one time on the screen. Pagination for very large meetings can be avoided by fitting the most relevant information on the screen.

How to use Google Meet :

The fastest way to join or start a meeting is to go to and start a new meeting or to start a pre-scheduled meeting. It is available to all G Suite users. Non-GSuite users can also join the meeting by just clicking the link shared via calendar invitation with them or may enter the PIN web browser meet.

User Impact :

This has no impact on the end-user or the participant.

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