Infiflex SEO Strategy for Higher Search Engine Ranking in 2019

The article is about the latest SEO tips and tricks that are effective in boosting the traffic in 2019 and achieve long-lasting results.

Infiflex SEO Strategy for Higher Search Engine Ranking in 2019

If you are looking to drive more organic traffic then you have landed in the right place. SEO is a constantly changing channel of marketing. So, you have to remain updated with the latest and actionable SEO tips in order to drive massive traffic to the site and improve sales.

So, let’s explore the highlights of SEO traffic-

Optimization for Mobile Devices

Nowadays mobile users are increasing day by day. So, it must have a mobile site for your business, and if you don’t then you will lose your mobile audience by large numbers. Google is giving more preference to the mobile version after mobile first indexing update. It means that if you don’t have the mobile-friendly site, you will lose a chance to appear higher in the search results.

Another important technique is the creation of Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP by simply installing the AMP WordPress plugin in case you are using WordPress. This will not only boost or increase your click-through rates or CTR but also a chance to target a huge audience using mobile devices for search. So target optimization for mobile devices technique in your SEO strategy in 2019.

SEO Content Strategy

Your SEO content strategy should be focused to build relevant and high-quality content. We create optimized content for the user as well as for search engines. SEO and content go hand in hand-optimized content using White-Hat SEO techniques then it will definitely yield higher rankings in SERPs.

Google always displays the best results in terms of users query based on search queries, So, Infiflex develops the content based on user intent and optimized it for Featured Snippet or answer box to get better results.

Right Keyword Strategy

Always Focus on targeting user intent queries in the keyword research. From the SEO point of view, Google Keyword planner gives the exact analysis of the keyword. So, we generally use a long tail keyword that helps you to boost your website ranking in search engine result page.

Follow Link Earning Techniques

Now link earning strategy is more valuable than traditional link building. Personal branding, link exchanging by building relations, link round-ups, link baiting, outreaching for linking existent content strategies are more effective in building the authority.

Guest posting, Business listing, and infographic submission are still popular link building methods. But it is important to consider the factors, including domain authority, Alexa rank, relevant traffic of the website while building links. So, we invest the time in quality link building instead of quantity.

Social Sharing

Social sharing plays a vital role in increasing the social traffic to the site and hence the rankings. Your optimized social profile can also come up in search results due to brand value. Social profile acts as the best tool in content promotion on your website to the targeted audience. It can help in promotion as well as engagement. Social sharing can also help in building the credibility among the users which help them to make important decisions during the purchase of the product in the sales cycle.

Readable URLs

Make the SEO friendly URL by targeting the main keyword keeping it short and simple so that both humans and search engines can understand it. We always use hyphens in the URL instead of underscores. Avoid using the capital letters in the URL. Block the bad URLs using robots.txt. We add mobile URLs to the sitemap in order to provide a good user experience. Always remember to put the canonical tag on duplicate URL to avoid the penalty. Always add the 301 redirect to the broken URLs to enhance the experience of users.

Monitor Keyword Rankings

By monitoring keyword not only helps to know the position of all your keywords in the search engine but also to create the strategies to improve your SEO efforts. So monitor keyword rankings on a regular basis and fix the problems immediately to improve the position of them in SERPs.

So, Infiflex can implement all these strategies to achieve the desired marketing goals for the client.



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