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Improving Google Docs with Some Assistive Features

This article is basically focused on some updated features of Google Doc that has been implemented by Google developers to ensure the ease of users while using this application and G Suite.

Improving Google Docs with Some Assistive Features

Google has come up with some new facilities that users should bring in their business to work seamlessly. It's now simpler for the users who look for keeping a track of real-time updates done by other users using the same document in collaboration. With the live edit feature, you get an opportunity to view periodical updates done by the collaborators in the specific sidebar. The motive for introducing such a feature is to ensure the collaborative tool works well for everyone.

This phenomenal amenity is provided by default in the Google Doc in all versions of G Suite and can be enabled from the settings of Google Docs.  Additionally, in this article, we would enlighten two formatting tools which is available in Google Doc for the sake of users' ease. Inserting a section break and adjust margin per section are two useful facilities you can use while writing in Doc.

How To Use

  1. To use Live edits -

Go to accessibility setting. For that go to Tools >> Accessibility setting and Click on the option “Turn on the screen reader support “.Then go to “Show live edits” from the Accessibility menu. 

  1. Insert section break and view section break in Docs - 

It is now available in Google Doc to insert a next page or a section break. To do the same go to Insert option and then click on Break. From here you can select either Section Break ( next page) or Section Break (continuous). Each of the above options will be functional from the user's cursor position.

To see where the section break is located you can utilise the new section break facility, by going to View and then click on “Show section break”. If this option is activated then you would be able to see a blue line indicating the section break.

  1. Adjust margin per section-

You can also avail the feature to adjust the margin by section using the ruler.  In case you don't make any selection, the section margin would be adjusted by the ruler in accordance with the cursor position else you can highlight multiple sections that you are willing to adjust.

The above-mentioned facilities are just a few of the updates that have been implemented by Google developers. Not only Google Doc, rather the entire G Suite is a service, which always comes up with new amendments and associated user-friendly features to enhance the productivity of its users.

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