Improved Data Region Control with Group Based Admin Controls

This new feature helps organizations to find their data region and control their data as per their requirement. Admin could previously only enable them by OU only. This additional flexibility and control helps you use the feature without affecting your organizational structure.

Improved Data Region Control with Group Based Admin Controls

Several organisations generally face challenges for covering their data with a geo-control. Data region is a facility in GSuite that facilitates you to set certain geographical peripheral to access your data. Google has come up with some new improvements in this amenity. In this article, we would enlighten some new additions made in the data region feature by Google.

How does it help?

G Suite’s cloud infrastructure protects data with geo-redundancy. However, most of the organizations don't choose to geo restrict their data. On the other hand, some organizations have their own preferences where the data should be stored. 

To support this type of requirements Google launched a new feature in 2018 named Data region controls. With the help of this feature, customers can designate the location or region, where the data can be stored. This feature is now getting enhanced by covering more apps, more granular admin controls, additional data types.

Enable or Disable by default:

Data location remains OFF by default and can be enabled at the OU or group level. The changes can be done only from the admin end. No end-user settings are available for this feature.

How to do data region control?

  • Sign in to your admin panel. Remember you must be a super admin to do this task.

  • Now go to Company profile or Account settings and select Data regions.

  • Now select the organizational unit.

  • Select one of the following options

              No preference

              United States


  • Click Save.

 The changes may take 24 to 48 hours to reflect. 

Availability: This new feature is available for G Suite Business, G Suite Enterprise and Enterprise for Education.

It isn't available for G Suite basic, G Suite non-profits customers or G Suite Education.

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