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Google Cloud Networking Technologies

Using cloud technology in data transactions, data needs to be secured. So, Google is providing the security measures in VPC.

Google Cloud Networking Technologies

Cloud Networking Technology makes it possible for cloud computing to deploy virtual machines and networks. This helps to transfer big data with minimum latency. The underlying technology includes Wireless LAN.

The advantages of  cloud networking are :

Hybrid connectivity: It enables the organization to connect the infrastructure through direct peering. It provides dedicated interconnection with a higher grade of performance and result.

Virtual Private Network: The organization can connect the resources of GCP using the global network. It is a highly scalable infrastructure.

Cloud DNS: This helps to publish the domain globally in a cost-effective way. Its performance is very high. It has facilities like auto-scaling of DNS Zones & Records.

Cloud Load Balancing: Load balancing is done when there are more requests than normal at a given time. To resolve it, the usage of a load balancer must be followed. It provides autoscaling seamlessly when the request increases. It also provides load balancing internally with SSL and HTTPS traffic.

Security Measures for Cloud Networking are :

Cloud Armor: It works with HTTPS load balancer to provide the barrier to defend against external attacks. These defences have 4 layers of architecture to keep the data safe and secure.

Network Telemetry: It identifies the traffic network, gateways and access patterns in real-time, so that it can provide security in depth. It is very much responsive in flow logs of VPC.

VPC Service Controls: It provides tight security measures around GCP products like Cloud Storage buckets, Bigtable and BigQuery datasets.

Cloud NAT: It gives the barrier against the outside resources to provide more security. Outside resources cannot directly access any of the private instances.

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