Google Cloud Memory Store

As more and more applications need to process data in real-time, you may want a caching layer in your infrastructure to reduce latency for your applications.

Google Cloud Memory Store

Google Cloud Memory Store is an excellent enabler for building application caches and is fully compatible with Redis protocol. It offers a sub-millisecond response for applications that need to use in-memory caching and data access.


Features and Benefits

Priority on building great apps: It allows more time for writing code and consumes less time for managing by taking advantage of the power of open-source Redis. Cloud Memorystore boosts up complex tasks like enabling replication, failover, high availability, patching, and monitoring so that you can spend more time coding.

Highly Available: It offers two service tiers. One for simple caching and another standard tier for users who need a highly available Redis instance. Google provides a 99.9 percent availability SLA. Basic tier instances do not support cross-zone replication and failover, while standard tier applications are equipped with both features.

Scalability: Cloud Memorystore can support instances up to 300 GB and network throughput of 12 Gbps. Scale as needed with minimal impact of application availability. With Google  Cloud Memorystore for Redis, you can achieve the sub-millisecond latency.

Easy Migration: Cloud Memorystore for Redis is totally compatible with the Redis protocol. You can easily migrate your applications from open source Redis to Cloud Memorystore without any code changes by using the import/export feature. No other new tools needed.

Monitoring: You can monitor Redis instances using Stackdriver. You can use Memorystore to cache your data on the cloud and you can integrate managed Redis with your applications running on various compute options on the Google Cloud Platform.

On-Demand billing: With Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis instances, you are charged by the hour for the capacity per GB that you provide. If instances are used for a few minutes, you are billed for only those minutes.

Enterprise-grade Security: All products at Google are built with security as a core design and development requirement. Cloud Memorystore for Redis is protected from the internet using VPC networks and private IP and comes with IAM rules. All designed to protect your data. Systems are monitored 24/7/365, ensuring that your applications and data are protected.

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