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Better Information on Spam in Email Log Search

This information will help users to get the knowledge on spam mails. It will also help them to prevent the spam mail and creating the filter accordingly on their domain.

Better Information on Spam in Email Log Search

The G suite admin can now find detailed and useful information in the Admin console about emails that have been marked as spam. The Email Search Log tool will now show the reason an email was marked as spam, as well as other details users may see about suspicious emails.


This new information will help users to understand why the email has been marked as spam.

To check the details follow the steps below:

  • Login to Admin console
  • Go to Reports
  • Email log search


In email log search you can search with sender email IDs, message ID or email subject line etc.

Digging deeper into spam


When using the Email Log Search to locate spam emails and by opening that email log report details, you can see why the emails were marked as spam. You will now receive detailed data about the spam and annotations about the messages, including:

The reason an email marked as spam


  • It may be due to the attached file(s).
  • It may be due to the suspicious content in the mail body.




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