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Track Your Email with Mail-Tracker

Do you want to know that the email which you have sent to someone has been successfully sent or not, opened or not- Then Mail-Tracker is the solution. Add double check marks to your Gmail. Know when your emails are opened.

Track Your Email with Mail-Tracker


Mailtrack is an email tracking extension for Gmail that lets you know if the messages you’ve sent to the intended recipient, have been read or not. It also allows you to know which messages have been read,  how long ago, how many times and which devices they were opened on.



It works with G Suite (Google Apps for Work) and Gmail. It has the compatibility with Yesware, Boomerang, Streak, Mixmax, Bananatag and Hubspot Sales.


The features available in Mail-Tracker are:

  • Unlimited Tracking

  • No Mailtrack signature

  • Full Email Metrics

  • Email & phone support

  • Works with Gmail for Android

  • Real-time notification

  • Activity Dashboard

  • Click tracking

  • Daily Report

  • Reminders

From the above features, Only Unlimited tracking and Real-time notification are available in the free version of Mail-Tracker. If you want other unlimited features then you have to upgrade to premium.



The pricing for the premium version of Mail-Tracker is given below:

Monthly PRO: $499  /mo; Quarterly PRO: $399  /mo; Yearly PRO: $249  /mo

Mail-Tracker is suitable for:

  • Account managers, Sales professionals, business development and people with direct client relationships

  • Teams, project managers, coordinators and internal communications

  • Independent professionals and freelancers


Limitation: Identifying who opened your emails when there are multiple recipients has its limitations. Get around these limitations and know for sure who's opened your mail by asking your contacts to install Mailtrack.

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