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Scheduling of Sending Emails in Gmail

This is a very useful feature to schedule your emails without any delay.

Scheduling of Sending Emails in Gmail

Now you can schedule your emails in Gmail to be sent at a later date and time. Google has launched this feature on 6 May 2019 in Gmail on the web-based application.

Previously, you would have had to use a third-party add-on to do this kind of basic scheduling. This new feature of Gmail is perfectly easy to use, and it has a range of applications for scheduling official as well as personal messages. Below screenshot shows the settings to use the scheduling tool in Gmail.

Why you’d use it

You just write your email as you normally would, then schedule it to be sent at a more appropriate date or time. This gives you greater control, allowing you to shift your work-time to wherever and whenever is most convenient for you as well as your recipients. It’s even easier to collaborate, allowing you to work across time-zones while still respecting everyone’s digital well-being.

How to get started

End-users: When drafting an original email or reply in Gmail, you’ll now see an arrow next to the “Send” button.

Clicking this arrow now gives you the option “Schedule send” option.

After clicking “Schedule send”, you can pick the specific date & time you’d like the message to be delivered.

With this launch, Google has added a “Scheduled” folder in Gmail. Scheduled messages will appear in the “Scheduled” folder while queued to be sent.

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