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New G Suite Email Alerts and Location for Easier Alert Center Management

Google makes it easier for Admins to handle alert center Management, for all G Suite Editions. Admin will receive notification alerts through email if there is an issue in the domain or take an action to resolve the issue.

New G Suite Email Alerts and Location for Easier Alert Center Management

In the month of April’19, Google has made some changes in email alerts and location for making alert center management convenient. The technology leader has made some improvements to the alert center for all G Suite editions, which include: (i) Moving the location of alert management for predefined admin alerts in the admin console to the system defined rules section and (ii) Adding optional email notification for more alerts.

This update is aimed to help the Admin to identify the issue and take action to resolve potential issues affecting your domain. To get the maximum benefit from the alert center, Now you can Sign Up for Google’s recently launched Beta, which helps to track the status of alerts in your domain, as well as sort out and give attention faster with insights from related alerts.

How to get the Update from Alert center Management-

To see the predefined Admin Alerts, Go to the Admin Console > Security > Alert Center > Settings > or Go directly to Access the new System Define Rules Section.

For End Users, these settings are not required.

Moving Alert Management Location-

  1. This alert management controls for predefined alerts could previously be found at Admin Console > Reporting > Alerts. They can now be traced at Admin Console > Security > Alert center > Settings (gear icon)

  2. This predefined Admin Alerts Include:-

  • User-Granted Admin Privilege

  • New User Added

  • Email settings Changed

  • Add other Administrator Email Alerts

     3. There has been no Change in any settings or the contents of alerts. Google has just moved where the Admin should go to manage them. There is no change in the location of Custom Alerts. For the time being they are in Admin Console > Reporting > Alerts.

Email Notification Option for more Alerts-

Google has added an option to get an email notification for several existing alerts that didn’t come in the Email previously. These alerts include:

  • Domain Data Export Initiated

  • Phishing message detected post-delivery

  • Spike in user reported spam and others

For each alert, you can choose whether to turn it Off or On and to mention to which email id the alerts will go to. The email alerts will be On by default. Admin can adjust the settings for all the End Users.

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