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Microsoft Kaizala - A Powerful Productivity Enhancement Mobile-App

Kaizala, developed by Microsoft, is a secure chat and messaging app that empowers mobile users to send instant messages, Kaizala Actions, and attachments. With Microsoft Kaizala, It’s easy to connect with a large number of individuals inside and outside your organization.

Microsoft Kaizala - A Powerful Productivity Enhancement Mobile-App

Kaizala empowers organizations to oversee work with their extended teams through a single, unified platform - all on their mobile phone. Kaizala was propelled in 2017 for customers in India, with the “Pro” version for commercial Office 365 subscriptions in 28 countries including Brazil, Turkey, and Indonesia. Microsoft Kaizala is accessible for download as an independent application for iOS and Android telephones.

The basic version of Kaizala offers:

  • 1:1 and group chat

  • Media and record sharing

  • Built-in Actions for surveys, overviews, and declarations Work management

  • Offline and 2G support

Kaizala Pro ($1.50 user/month) provides premium features:

  • Organization group management

  • User management (expel users from groups and wipe information from gadget)

  • Create public groups

  • Publish custom Actions

  • Advanced reporting and examinations

  • System integration and automation using Kaizala APIs

Benefits of Microsoft Kaizala

  • Easier workplace coordination: Kaizala makes it simpler to deal with your working environment. Arrange everyday tasks with built-in actions that enable you to assign jobs, plan meetings, and track performance.


  • Connect with everyone easily: It makes easier to communicate with a large number of resources of your organization. Photos, videos, text, documents and more can be shared with just a couple of taps, and get feedback from your employees and partners with surveys and polls.


  • Make data-driven decisions:  Microsoft Kaizala helps companies to make more informed decisions about the future of their business, respond to market demand on time, and manage the top-line in a better way.


  • Access Control and security: The advanced Kaizala Management portal ensures that the admin has complete control over your actions and data. Your admins can control group memberships, remove users from groups in an instant, and even remotely wipe data from external devices when required.

Microsoft Kaizala is a fantastic and much-needed application for businesses that need to track, support and empower their field as well as remote employees. If you’re looking for a mobile system to track employees and their performance remotely with an intention to enhance output, then this could be the best solution.


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