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Latest Update on Domain Whitelisting

Google takes care of spamming issues and uses innumerable techniques to prevent the same. Also, the technology leader works on whitelisting trusted domains and filters emails accordingly.

Latest Update on Domain Whitelisting

In today’s world where spamming and spoofing are the global issues, many trusted domains often go unnoticed and get marked as spam due to various past actions. Now Google, on one hand, uses a strict policy of spamming and spoofing prevention and on the other hand works on whitelisting of trusted domains too. 


Previously there was a manual setup of domain whitelisting. But Google has introduced advanced and easy features of performing the same.

Now it includes the following:

  1. Manage domains -- This was previously called “Add/remove domains.”

  1. Whitelisted domains --  This was previously called “Whitelisted external domains” and is where admin can whitelist domains so that users can more easily collaborate with external users in those domains.


An updated interface in both of these sections has been introduced to make configurations easier.

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