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Improved Security Interface in G Suite

A necessary update in password recovery has been rolling out in G Suite. This feature will make the account recovery process simpler for super admins.They can simply recover their account by verification notification received on their e mail, text or phone.

Improved Security Interface in G Suite

A new update in G Suite account recovery is rolling out for the ease of access of the super admins. According to the new update, now super admins can recover their own passwords using the recovery options provided by them. Additionally, other security features are also migrating in a more streamlined card-based interface.

How does the update benefit

Previously if any super admins forgot their password, they needed to connect with other super admin (if any) or connect Google support. Now the new update is believed to make life easier as they can easily recover their account themselves and get back to their work.

How does “Super Admin Account Recovery” work:

If any super admins forget their password and the settings are kept enabled in their account, then they can recover the account themselves by clicking on ‘Forgot Password?’ link. A verification code via phone, text or email will be sent to recover the account.

How to get started:

For the new or most current customers “Super Admin Account Recovery” will be disabled by default and can be turned on at the OU, Group or Domain level.

For the existing customers who have below 3 super admins or have 500 users, this setting will be enabled by default and can be disabled if preferred.

Turn ON or disable this setting:

  1. Sign in to the administrator account

  2. In the admin, console go to security > Account Recovery

  3. Click on “Super Admin Account Recovery” 

  4. Select the OU as in which you want to change the settings.

  5. Now check or uncheck Allow super Admin to recover the accounts.

  6. Now click on Save.

  7. Ensure that super admins have updated their recovery phone number or email address to get the verification notification and recovery instructions.

Only admins will be affected with this new security roll-out and as confirmed by Google, will be available in all G Suite editions.

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