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How to Enable Google Mobile Device Management

Earlier, Mobile device management basically implied creating strategies for those employees who brought their own devices and signed into the organization’s system.

How to Enable Google Mobile Device Management

Today, Mobile Device Management goes a long ways past only one device for one representative, stretching out all through the entire organization and contacting each employee. Do you have strategies and plans set up to address your user’s needs, while keeping those devices—and your organization's delicate data—secure?


Then let’s get started with Google Mobile Device Management.


Basically, there are three levels of mobile device management- Basic, Advanced and Custom. Before begin with that, first you need to organize your users and notify your users accordingly.


Basic Mobile Device Management: Utilize basic management if you just need to secure devices with a screen lock or password and can remotely wipe corporate records from them. You don't have to effectively turn on basic management—it's on by default. But if you turned it off, then see the Setup details for turn it on again.


Advanced Mobile Device Management: If you want to get the control over device policies, manage apps on Android and Apple® iOS® devices, and wipe all information from the devices, then use Advanced Device Management.

Android App Management should be turned on to manage Android devices and install an Apple Push Certificate to manage Apple® iOS® devices. A device policy app has to be installed in Android and iOS users device so that you can manage their devices as well. Advanced management is not enabled by default, you have to effectively turn on to use this advanced mobile device management.

Features of Basic & Advanced Mobile Device Management


Source: Google


Custom Mobile Device Management: Custom management options allow you to choose unmanaged, basic, or advanced controls for Android, iOS, and Google set connected mobile devices. The choice conjointly permits you to decide on completely different settings for various devices.

Setup Details for Basic/ Advanced/ Custom Management


  • Switch to an administrator account to open Google Admin console.

  • From Admin console, go to Device Management.

  • Click setup and then Mobile Management

  • On the left, select an organization

  • Turn on mobile management

  • Select Basic/ Advanced/ Custom and click save


Kindly refer the below snapshots for the details:

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