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Google Meet Quality Tool

This kind of identity binding policies of Google are making it more secured for users to be used. Google meet kit is now connecting people with a basic security layer as well.

Google Meet Quality Tool

Google Meet Quality Tool is providing a security encryption for users who are invited to join meetings. 

With this feature, users can select specific participants when viewing meetings in the Meet Quality Tool. The tool allows them to display data and statistics for just a subset of the participants. When video conferencing with many participants, the tool helps to limit the amount of information displayed on the screen at one time. By displaying just the most relevant information into the view, pagination can often be avoided even for very large meetings.

This helps in maintaining a privacy level when any group meetings are arranged which includes various external or internal IDs.

To Get started

Admins: This feature will be available for the admins by default when they use the Meet Quality Tool. To select participants, participant lists are used on the left-hand side of the Meeting Details page. As selections are made, the information displayed to the right will be updated accordingly.

End users: Will not be affected by this feature.

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