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Google Keep - Free Note Taking App and its Benefits

Google Keep is a note-taking service developed by Google to help you quickly capture whatever is on your mind.

Google Keep - Free Note Taking App and its Benefits

Google Keep is one of those unrevealed tools that nobody seems to know about. If you’re looking for an essential Evernote alternative, Google Keep is the one tool that you can start working on. Being a Google product, it works perfectly within the Google environment and is free with a Google account. Everything synchronizes over your gadgets (devices), so what's significant is consistently in reach. What's more is that, Google’s search works flawlessly with it.

Google Keep Benefits:

  1. We can Capture, edit, share and collaborate on the notes using any device, from anywhere.

  2. We can Arrange the notes with labels and colors.

  3. We can Add notes, lists, photos, and audio to Keep.

  4. Just Set and forget. We will be reminded about a note at the right time at the right place.

  5. We can Record a voice memo and have it automatically transcribed.

  6. We can Grab the text from an image and quickly find that note again just through a simple search.

Google Keep Activities:

  • Sometimes multiple shopping before a holiday tour can be hectic. Before you forget to buy yourself the comfortable footwear from your favourite store, add a location-based reminder to your shopping list before you reach your destination. 

  • You can set a time-sensitive reminder to complete your daily plan for the day, so as to ensure you never miss a task for the day. 

  • Next time when your mom asks you to buy vegetables, share the vegetable list on Google Keep and watch as your vegetable list get checked off in real-time. No compelling reason to instant messages or calls. You and your mom can get things done faster & together.

  • If you are driving a car and you want to buy something just speak to Google Keep, it will record your voice and when you stop speaking, it gets automatically saved. It will remind you accordingly when you reach the destination, tracking your location.

  • You can also use it to record sudden thoughts or some quotes you want to be reminded about. 

  • If you want to remember a few inspirational lines from your favourite book or scriptures from the Bible, just click the photo, sync the same with Google Keep and get reminded daily in the morning. 

Collaboration with Google Keep:

Keep working on your phone, tablet and computer. Everything you include as a note, continue synchronizing over your devices and all the significant stuff you noted remains with you.

 Permissions required for Google Keep:

Camera: For attaching images to notes in Keep.

Contacts: To share notes to contacts.

Microphone: To attach audio to notes.

Location: To set and trigger location-based reminders.

Storage: To add attachments from storage to notes.

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