G Suite Vs Microsoft Exchange Online

Both G Suite and Microsoft Exchange are on paper, mailing solutions, but G Suite has more to it than meets the eye.

G Suite Vs Microsoft Exchange Online

Email communication is the fastest, easiest, and simplest way to transfer data among individuals around the globe. This has, in turn, helped organizations whose offices are located in different countries/states to thrive, maintain, and control their workflow.

Microsoft Office has always been the top choice for productivity tools like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc. The Tech Leader dominated the market for nearly 30 years for the user-friendliness and diverse features/formulae of its products. Using these tools dramatically increased the efficiency of the employees in the organization and reduced time consumption.

Google on the other hand has been the go-to platform to find answers for nearly 30 years for its advanced “keyword” searching algorithm along with distinct site rankings to find the most appropriate results to your queries. However, since 2006, Google has also jumped into the business of providing advanced office tools to capture a substantial part of the market share. 

Since the early 21st century, many companies have invested heavily in cloud computing and virtual machines which helped employees to work independently and access their data outside of their office thus increasing the firm's productivity many folds. Since Google’s Productivity tool G Suite was conceived in the cloud, It was way ahead of the competition and provided collaboration features that were not used before and this increased the all-round performance and efficiency of the firm.

However, Microsoft also incorporated their own mailing solution Microsoft Exchange server to store data of different businesses and introduced a bunch of other products.

The parallels between G Suite and Microsoft Exchange Online are as follows:


Point of Difference G Suite (Basic) Microsoft Exchange Online Plan 1 Exchange Online Plan 2
Space Provided 30 GB (Free) + Additional storage of up to 30 TB (Chargeable) for G Suite Business or G Suite Enterprise: Unlimited Storage for 5 users and Higher. 50 GB Mailbox 100 GB Mail Box
Attachable File Space 25 MB 25 MB 25 MB
User Capping NA NA NA
Real-Time Communication 2000 Internal Mail Recipient500 External Mail Recipient.Hangout Chat. (For Business Chatting)Hangout Meet. (For Business Meetings)Google Groups 10,000 MailsOutlook Groups 10,000 MailsOutlook Groups
MDM Service Extensive Limited Limited
Mobility and Sync Yes Yes Yes
Uptime 99.98% 99.90% 99.90%
Admin Console + Security Features Complete Control over the Domain and Users Control over the domain and server, not the users Control over the domain and server, not the users
MS Exchange Interoperability Yes seamless Seamless
Disaster Recovery System Yes NA Yes
Data Loss Prevention G Suite (Basic): NAG Suite (Business): Yes.G Suite (Enterprise): Yes NA Yes
Cloud Platform GCP Azure Azure
Socializing Administrators can enable the Google+ feature to enhance social connection between business professionals. NA NA
Real-Time Collaboration G Docs, G Sheet, G Sites, G Slides, and G forms. (Pre Installed Apps) NA NA
Availability Third-Party Tools Availability Many Tools Yes Yes
Support Availability 24*7*365 24*7*365 24*7*365
SLA Yes. Yes Yes
Flexibility Yes. Yes Yes
Customizability Yes. NA NA
Archival / Backup Google Vault, (Unlimited Storage + Indefinite RetentionTime ) 50 GB of "In-Place" archival storage unlimited storage "In-Place" archival storage
Spam Filter Domain Black Listing, Email Blacklisting, DMARC, SPF, DKIM Record Exchange Online Protection Exchange Online Protection
Price G Suite Basic: INR 210/- (per user per month.)G Suite Business: INR 714/- (per user per month.)G Suite Enterprise: INR 1,650/- (Per user per month) INR 265 /- (Per User Per Month) INR 530/- (Per User Per Month)

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