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G Suite Control Panel Error #1000 and How to Troubleshoot

The article describes points, how the error #1000 occurs in admin console and steps to troubleshoot the issue with HAR file, the article also focuses on the error type.

G Suite Control Panel Error #1000 and How to Troubleshoot

This is a temporary error and it gets fixed with time. When you see error #1000 the first thing to do is to clear cookies in your browser. Most of the time this solves the issue. However, if after clearing cookies and waiting for a while, the error still appears it may be a technical error on Google Engineering end.

For the customers where the error #1000 is persisting, it will require more specific information in order to continue investigating. After clearing cookies, please provide with the precise steps you've taken (the URL you use, which administrator, what user you’re trying to edit) and the HAR file registered while reproducing the error.

Kindly check the below steps for issue troubleshooting:

  • Is any other admin account facing similar issue?
  • Have you tried accessing the Control panel in different browser?
  • Please provide the screenshot of the error message
  • Is this issue affecting all Super Admins in the your account, or you are the only one or a few of your other admins getting it?
  • Is the Affected user able to reproduce the #1000 error when using in incognito window?  Kindly reproduce with separate browsers. Note that sometimes all of the browsers may have stale cache and cookies, whereas an incognito window will not have any cache or cookies at the beginning of the session
  • Is the issue affecting all parts of the Admin console, or is the error appearing only when performing certain actions?
  • Any control panel issue HTTP header helps in analyzing

Below, are the instructions on how to capture HTTP headers in Google Chrome browser:

1. Launch Google Chrome and open a new incognito window by clicking CTRL + SHIFT + N (on a Mac, use CMD + SHIFT + N)
2. Open the 'Developer Tools' window by clicking CTRL + SHIFT + I (on a Mac, use CMD + SHIFT + I)

3. In the Developer Tools window, click on the 'Network' tab

4. To begin recording HTTP headers, click on the black circle at the bottom of the Developer Tools window. The circle will turn red to indicate that recording has been turned on.

5. Next, login to your Google Apps account at and attempt to reproduce the network issue

6. Once you have reproduced the issue, you can stop recording by clicking the circle again. It will turn black to indicate that recording has been turned off

7. To save the HTTP headers, right-click on one of these requests (any one will do) and select the option to 'Save all as HAR'

8. Finally, reply back to this message with the HAR file attached for further submission to Google Engineering team

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