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G Suite Basic helps in utilizing resources & increasing their Productivity

G Suite Basic helps in utilizing resources

G Suite Basic helps in utilizing resources & increasing their Productivity

Most of the organizations are moving to cloud to increase their employee productivity & reducing data handling cost. G Suite is the most acknowledged product in this field. It provides compatibility across all operating systems. Apps & Browser access are provided for mails, Calendars, Contacts & other Productivity Tools. G Suite is highly secure.

Users can manage multiple accounts from a single interface. Multiple user-level & domain-level aliases can be created for a single Id. Google provides the option to import or migrate their old data. Mails can be delegated to others in case of non-availability of the owners. If anyone leaves the organization, the data can be assigned to a new user, simply by renaming the old one. In this case, the new user will continue to get those mails, which will be sent to the old account. This is an unique feature of G Suite.

Users get the contact directory from the very first day of use. Those can be grouped as per requirement. Tasks & Keeps are very useful to manage time. Users can schedule meetings through Calendars. Google Forms can be shared with others to gather information. The information automatically gets stored in Google Sheet.

Google docs, sheets are collaborative platforms provided by Google. Multiple users can work simultaneously work on a single page & can see what others are doing. Owners can set permission of viewing, commenting or editing a sheet or doc. Expiration date can also be set, if the data is that much important.

G Suite enables Admins to monitor the data transaction within & outside their domain. If the users login from browsers, then the IPs can be traced. The IPs can be restricted through SSO. Restriction will be valid on all the applications, associated with the account. If the users login from Apps, then the device can be managed by the Admin Console itself. The account or the whole device can be wiped off remotely.

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