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Company Profile from G Suite Admin Console

In the company profile, you can customize the logo, view account-related information and also share data with Google cloud platform.

Company Profile from G Suite Admin Console

What is the Admin Console?

The Admin Console of G Suite allows us with functionalities to  manage all the services. After you sign into the admin console using the username and password, you can add users and also add users in bulk. You can also configure administrator settings for your G Suite services. Not only that,  you can also monitor G Suite usage in your domain. You can create groups and many more.

Now let us focus on the Company profile part of the Admin console.

In the company profile, you can manage the account information such as company name and contacts. You can also review and accept compliance agreements.


Here you can change the company name and language. You can provide the contact details as well. You also have the New user features in this section. You can also select how to release new products.

Add Logo to G Suite

You can add your organization's logo to some of the G Suite main services like Calendar, Gmail and Drive. The logo appears at the top of the user's window. The same logo will appear for all domains you add to your account.

How to upload the Logo?

Log in to the admin console. Then click on company profile and go to personalization.

Click on the select file to upload and add the logo image. Click on save.

Select Communication Preferences for G Suite.

As an Organization’s administrator, you can choose what type of product emails you would like to receive from Google’s end.

You can update communication preferences. Log into the admin console using the credentials. Then go to the company profile and click on communication preferences.

In the communication preferences click on the email. Select the emails you want to receive. Click on Save.

Account Information

Here you can select the type of account.

Supplemental Data Storage

As a G Suite administrator you can store a copy of the users' data in a specific country. You can do this by enabling the Supplemental Data storage in the company profile of the Admin console.

Share data with Google Cloud Platform services

In the admin console, you can share the data from your G Suite, cloud identity or Drive Enterprise account with services in your organization.

What Data is shared?

Currently, you can share only the Enterprise Groups Audit Activity Events log data with the Google cloud platform. The Enterprise Groups Audit Activity Events log includes a list of events in the Admin console, Google Groups, Directory API, and Groups Settings API. You can access the shared data through the GCP Cloud Audit Logs anytime.

How to share data with Google cloud platform services?

Log in to the admin console. Click on the company profile. Then go to Legal and compliance.

To share the data click on Enable. To turn off sharing click on Disable. Click on Save.

In the company profile, you can send billing and account notifications to another admin also. Here you can also send the organization name.

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