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Azure Cloud for Bus Messaging

Azure bus service is a messaging service on cloud used to connect devices, applications & services running in the cloud to any other applications or services. It’s a messaging backbone for applications available in the cloud or across any devices.

Azure Cloud for Bus Messaging


  • Azure Cloud Bus Service is a fully managed and enterprise integration message broker. Service Bus can decouple applications and services. It offers a reliable and secure platform for asynchronous transfer of data and state.

  • Data is transferred between different services and applications using messages. A message is in binary format and also can contain JSON, XML or just text. 

  • This application is built for using “Azure Serverless” services like Service Bus, Logic Apps, Event Hubs, Event Grid, Relay, Azure Functions & Storage blob. The Vehicle Telematics application to collect real-time data of the cabs to provide necessary information for booking uses the service. 

Bus Messaging Scenario


Messaging - Transfer business data, such as journals or inventory, sales or purchase orders.

Decouple applications - Improve reliability and scalability of services & applications. Clients and service don't have to be online at the same time.

Topics and subscriptions - Maintain relationships between publishers and subscribers.

Message sessions - Implement workflows that require the message ordering or message deferral.


Namespace - Multiple topics & queues can be in a single namespace and namespaces often serve as application containers. It is a container for all messaging components.

Queues - Messages are sent to and received from queues, then the queues store messages until the receiving application is available to receive and process them. 

Topics - In the topics sections can have multiple, independent subscriptions and a subscriber to a topic can receive a copy of each message sent to that topic. Subscriptions are named entities. Subscriptions persist, but can auto-delete or expire.

Advanced Features

Message sessions - Message sessions enable joint & ordered handling of unbounded sequences of related messages.

Auto Forwarding - The auto-forwarding feature chains a queue or subscription to another queue or topic. They must be part of the same namespace and with the help of auto-forwarding, Service Bus automatically removes messages from a queue or subscription.

Scheduled delivery - In scheduled delivery, you can submit messages to a queue or topic for delayed processing. You can also schedule a job to become available for processing by a system at a certain time. 

Transactions - A transaction group can work between two or more operations into an execution scope and the service bus supports grouping operations against a single messaging entity within the scope of a single transaction. 

Security protocols - Azure Service Bus supports security protocols such as Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), Shared Access Signatures (SAS) and Managed identities for Azure resources.

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