Monitoring in Azure Cloud

Azure monitors the availability as well as performance of your applications and services by delivering a comprehensive solution for collecting and analyzing metrics. It helps you to understand how your applications are performing and proactively identifies issues affecting the performance.

Monitoring in Azure Cloud


  • The Windows Azure platform is a flexible, reliable and affordable solution for running service applications for a wide range of businesses. 

  •  The Windows Azure platform brings innumerable benefits to improve your business environment.

  • The key to delivering good service is ensuring that applications are performing at expected levels and azure cloud resources are being effectively utilized.


  • Monitor as well as discover Windows Azure applications and all its role instances.

  • Monitor metrics like CPU, Memory Usage and Network traffic of the various Virtual Machines in your Windows Azure VM system.

  • Monitor errors in Windows Azure Application deployment and get error notifications through diagnostic Infrastructure logs searching.

  • Monitor web applications built on your Azure Web Role instances, monitor the request execution time, requests rejected, TCP connections and more.

  • Monitor Windows Azure Role Instances for events such as failed requests, failed attempts to access secure files and get alerts through Event and Trace Logs.

  • Get alerts for critical states, like “Role is offline“ and “Role is unresponsive”, and troubleshoot issues before it affects the end user.

Azure Monitors Applications and Infrastructure


  • Single glass dashboard giving you insights into systems, applications, and infrastructure performance, regardless of where they reside.

  • Correlate and visualize performance metrics across your entire environment.

  • Dynamic baselining and alerting to help define “what’s normal.”

  • Auto-discovery helps to manage and ensure that any Azure virtual machines and containers get monitored

  • Azure cloud VM management

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