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Admin Assistant Checklist

Admin assistant help G suite Admins through the critical steps of getting the setup done and becoming productive with G Suite. This will help Admins to onboard more end users seamlessly.

Admin Assistant Checklist

This checklist is designed to help G suite Admins through the critical steps of getting a setup done and becoming productive with G Suite.

Browser Setup

1. Sign into Chrome browser.

(Optional) Setup a second personal profile or show how to use incognito mode to access personal Gmail accounts

2. Default Mail and Calendar tabs on startup.

3. Install Chrome apps: Gmail Offline, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides.

4. Review managed bookmarks: firm templates, end-user training site, support site, etc.

Gmail Overview

  1. We need to Log into Gmail (Optional) review authentication flow for SSO and 2-Factor if necessary.

       2.Setup inbox and turn on important settings

Setup mail signatures

  • How to set a vacation responder

  • Setup Undo Send and select the longest interval

  • Turn on keyboard shortcuts

  • Helpful labs (optional): Right-side chat, Canned Responses, Custom keyboard shortcuts, Preview Pane, Unread message icon.

Review basic navigation components

  • Compose, Labels, Archive, Trash, Chat, Settings

  • Search basics and Advanced Search

    • Address differences from Sort and how to replicate wit “from:<name>” operator)

                  Confirm mail delegation request

  • Note: Manager(s) will need to grant access in the Account section of Settings

  • Review how to toggle between personal and delegated profiles and send mail on behalf of the manager

Walk through productivity tips

Calendar Overview

Setup the calendar and turn on important settings

  • Confirm location

  • Set a current timezone in Settings

  • (Optional) set a secondary time zone for those who travel often

  • Set the default view (e.g. to Week)

  • Set default notifications for primary calendar to pop-up at 10 min AND 1 min prior to meeting start (this mitigates not having a snooze option)

  • (Optional) Enable World Clock lab for those who travel often

  • Set gentle notifications tab

  • How to schedule a meeting with Hangouts included

  • How to add guests and reserve a room

  • How to look up free/busy

  • How to add a note to a response

  • How to mark a guest as optional

  • How to set an all-day meeting

  • How to repeat a meeting

  • Show how to toggle between calendars

  • Show how to toggle calendars on/off

Drive Overview

Show how to navigate to Drive and each of the editors (e.g., or with the checkerboard icon)

Turn on Offline Sync option

(Optional) Install and configure the Drive Sync client

(Optional) Change Drive view to list view (default starts at grid view which)

(Optional) Add corporate shared templates folder to My Drive to demonstrate how to add to Drive

Collaboration Walkthrough

  • Add files to Drive from Gmail or from inside a document (folder icon next to title)

  • Add file/folder to Drive (e.g. corporate shared templates)

  • Create a document (e.g. Project Status or whatever they frequently create in legacy product

  • Share a document

  • Add a comment

  • Find revision history

  • Save as MS document or PDF

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