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New Beta Program to Preview and Export Google Sites Content in Vault

The new Beta program from Google will surely help the Admins to analyse Sites contents using Vault and make the workflow efficient.

New Beta Program to Preview and Export Google Sites Content in Vault

A new beta program has been launched from Google’s end where you can search and export all the contents of Google Site using Google vault, then analyse the same as per your requirement.

This feature will enable the Admins to search, find, preview and navigate new Sites in Vault Interface and then export those contents to expand the eDiscovery and archiving of the organization.

The program will only include the Preview and Export features of Google Vault and exclude the Hold and Retention features.

As an Admin you can follow the below steps in order to Search, Preview and Export Google Site Contents:

  1. Sign into your Vault Account with the Login Credentials.

  2. Then create a New Matter or click on the Existing Matter.

  3. Click on the Search option in the left pane, and then click Drive (the type of Data you want to search)

  4. Choose a Source:

    • All data- Search all data in your organization.

    • Held data- Search all data on hold.

  5. Click Search

You can search with specific already published URLs of the sites.

Once you enter the URL, the Site will load in the Google Vault Interface from where you can preview and export the site contents for further analysis. Note that only new format Sites are supported and not the Classic sites.

The new beta program is already available to all versions of G Suite from 6th of June 2019 (Both for Rapid and Scheduled Released Domains). This feature will be OFF by default and the admins need to sign up to the program in order to avail the features.

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