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Manage User Recovery Information from Admin Console

This New security process in G Suite has made it more beneficial for users to stay updated if any changes are made during login.

Manage User Recovery Information from Admin Console

In this advanced world of technology and devices, the corporate emailing solution has become a crucial part of most organisations. Google is now catering to the market demand by enriching its mailing solution, G Suite, with better security benefits as compared with the other contenders in the market. For the past 16 years Google has managed to keep its mailing solution user friendly in terms of interface and continually upgrading its features.

Admin Console is an inherent part of G Suite allowing admins to monitor mail transactions, manage passwords and set-up necessary compliances for the domain.

Why using the feature is beneficial?

Backup email addresses and linked phone numbers  can now be viewed and edited by G Suite admins. These are generally used for verifying login request and for increasing account security. 

Why Viewing and Editing is Crucial for Admins ?

For account verification processes such as login challenge, the ability to view and edit the recovery information is important for Admins. This increases the security ensuring the accounts to stay more Up-to-date which in turn increases the level of accuracy of the recovery information associated with the Google accounts.

Changes that will help out : 

  • Will make it easy for users to access their accounts if locked out.

  • It will help to keep any malignant actors out, if suspicious login attempts are detected.

  • Admins can help those users with direct support, who are locked out of their account.

For extra security employee ID can be added as a login challenge.

Process to start : 

Three methods to manage the information of recovery by admins

  1. Login to Admin Console , click  users , Click individual users , click security, then go to Recovery Information, Click Edit. ( Now individual User Recovery Information can be Edited )

  2. Tool for Bulk User Upload in CSV format : From the admin Console use the bulk upload tool 

  3. In Bulk upload the users

  4. Use Admin SDK Directory API

End Users : No action is required. Recovery information can be added by going to

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