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Limit the Email Recipients in G Suite

This setting helps us to control the recipient number while sending emails. By applying this setting to your domain you can inherit your users to send emails to a limited number of users and will give better end-user experience(UX).

Limit the Email Recipients in G Suite

As this is a very important concern nowadays to limit the number of email recipients to avoid the unnecessary emails, G Suite recently introduced this setting for controlling the number of recipients while sending emails. To enable this setting you need to configure it manually from the admin console of your domain. Below are the steps to enable this setting from the admin console.


Why admin can implement this setting:


1: To limit the number of email recipients while sending emails internally as well as externally.

2: To keep systems healthy and accounts safe.

3: To avoid unnecessary mails from users.



  1. First of all, you need to sign up into the admin console of the respective domain.



2. Go To


Apps>>G Suite>>Settings For Gmail>>Advanced Settings>>Compliance>>Content     Compliance>>Add Another


3. An add setting window will open, from there select Outbound and Internal Sending

      Add setting

         > Outbound & Internal Sending

         > Add Expression

               > Tap On Add

               > Select Advanced Content Match from drop down

             > Location as Recipient header from drop down

             > Match Type as Matches Regex  from drop down

             > Regexp ( This is very important step)

                    > Put this expression in that window

                             “ ^([a-zA-Z0-9_\-\.]+)@([a-zA-Z0-9_\-\.]+)\.([a-zA-Z]{2,5})$”

           > Click on save


                 > Regex Description (You can put anything)

                 > Minimum Match Count

                           > Put the number of recipients here


Note:  We are using the above regex for checking the number of entered ids. Suppose we have to configure it for FOUR recipients, then the minimum match count will be  FIVE. After saving this, the user is able to add only FOUR recipients while sending any mail including “ TO, CC & BCC”.

4. Then next do the following,

           > If the above expressions match

                  > Select Reject Message from drop down

           > Customize rejection notice

                  > You are allowed to send to only FOUR users (You can put any message here).

5. Then go to show options

            > Account types to affect

                  > Select users

6.  Add Setting

7.  Save the setting

After saving the setting, if the user tries sending emails to more than FOUR users, then he will receive the bounce back with this message header “You are allowed to send to only 4 users”.

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