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Importance of DLP for Any Organisation

Data loss prevention is a subject that every business owner, particularly those new in business, need to pay special attention to. Hence laying a strong foundation at the beginning will result in better data protection and integrity thereby ensuring a smoother trajectory ahead.

Importance of DLP for Any Organisation

What is Data Loss Prevention?

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a strategy deployed by businesses to ensure that sensitive data remains securely within the corporate network. Data loss prevention(DLP) tools and software are designed to monitor and filter data in real-time. In addition to dealing with the data being used, stored and transmitted within the network, data loss prevention ensures that no harmful outside data enters the company network.

Data protection is important and critical for any organisation. Mankind has always been overwhelmed with data, more so in this digital age. In today's world access to unprotected data has become very easy and convenient, hence it's very important for us to keep notice that proper data reaches the proper place at the proper time. There are a lot of ways to hack and misuse this easily accessible data. Data loss can occur due to intentional violation of best practices, leakage, carelessness or theft also.

Necessities of  Data Loss Prevention(DLP) Facilities:

Prevention from outside threats and attacks: DLP facility helps us to identify, monitor and protect data in storage as well as in motion over the network. Enforcement of DLP technology enables monitoring of the location and usage of data as well.

Inside threats: Given the fact that employees already have access to data and may also have some sensitive information about different personnel within the company, the attack may prove to be more dangerous.  In such cases DLP technology automatically encrypts confidential data to prevent data loss.

Cloud-based storage and services: It is possible, that individuals are not aware of the proper protocols. It is the company’s responsibility to have network security measures in place to ensure that employees have the proper authorizations and permissions to access the data, and make sure it is shared only within the company networks. Data breach through personal devices is also common.

Protection of data against security threats caused by BYOD and IoT. : DLP  prevents accidental exposure of confidential information across all devices within and outside organisation. Wherever data lives, in transit, at rest in storage, or in use, DLP facilities can monitor those and reduce the risk of data loss.

As Data Goes, So does Business Reputation: In time, the business will lose data and there is no single solution now or in the foreseeable future. As a result, we need strategic procedures to manage data against potential loss. That strategy will include quality DLP technology implementation along with continuous training, education and monitoring.



Prioritize data: The first step towards implementing any DLP program is to determine which data would cause a problem when it is stolen. So it is very important to sort important data accordingly which would help to ease the task.

Categorize the data: A simple and scalable approach is to classify context and apply persistent classification tags to the data allowing organizations to track its use.

Realizing when data is at risk: Data that is distributed to user devices, there must be a robust data loss prevention program(DLP) that must account for the mobility of data and times when data is put at risk.

Monitoring of all data movement: Understanding how data is used and identifying existing patterns that puts data at risk are important. Without such knowledge, organizations cannot develop appropriate policies that mitigate the risk of data loss while allowing appropriate data use.

Train employees and provide continuous guidance: Employees often don’t recognize that their actions can result in data loss, and will self-correct when educated. So it is important to keep them updated about data protection policies.

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