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How to Setup ZPanel in CentOS 6/7?

A robust and featured, open sourced yet reliable control panel for hosting services, backed up with the power and security of Google Cloud Infrastructure.

How to Setup ZPanel in CentOS 6/7?

Why CentOS?

CentOS Operating System is one of the most popular, superior, lightweight, fast and reliable operating systems for the web server. CentOS is an open source project having the same functionality, performance, and stability as the paid operating system of Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).


What is ZPanel?

ZPanel is an open source web hosting control panel for Windows and Linux servers. It uses several free software packages and is written in PHP to provide a secure web hosting system. The installed packages in ZPanel have the latest web-server technology like Apache, MySQL, PHP 5.3.10 and also include PHPMyAdmin which is useful for dealing with the MySQL databases.


Install ZPanel 10.1.0 to CentOS 64bit:

1) Create an Instance (CentOS)

yum -y update

yum -y remove qpid-cpp-client  



2) Log on to your server as root user:

sudo -i


3) Ensure you are in your home directory:



4) Download the installer

wget -O

If wget error occurs, install wget:  yum install wget then redo wget and continue with the install.


5) Make the installer executable

chmod +x


6) Install pre-required packages

yum install curl


7) Run the installer



8) Follow the on-screen instructions during the installation.


9) Return to user lever




10) If installation is done successfully you will get the following messages:

MySQL Root Password    : ***************

# MySQL Postfix Password :***************

# ZPanelX Username       : zadmin           

# ZPanelX Password       : ***************


11) Enter the FQDN of the server (example:



12) For changing the password of zpanel

setzadmin --set new-password

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