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Google Cloud Databases

Google Cloud Database offers fully managed solutions both for relational and non relational databases with high security features.

Google Cloud Databases

Cloud database is a collection of structured or unstructured data that resides on a private cloud , public cloud and also on hybrid cloud computing infrastructure platform. In this post, I will be discussing Google Cloud Databases.

Benefits of Google Cloud Database :

  • Flexibility in Performance

  • Open Source Compatibility

  • Integration of AI/ML Data with analytics

There are two types of Databases present in Google Cloud :

  • Relational : Cloud SQL and Cloud Spanner

  • Non Relational: Cloud Big Table, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Memory Store, Firebase real time database .

Classification of Google Cloud Database products

  • Cloud SQL: It is a fully managed service that manages MySQL, SQL Server databases in cloud. It ensures high reliability and tight security with built-in automation for higher availability.

  • Cloud Spanner: It is a scalable relational database service built to support transactions with strong consistency and high availability across regions.

  • Cloud Big Table : It is a No SQL  database with high throughput and low latency. It is used as the storage engine for large-scale applications in data processing and analytics.

  • Cloud Fire Store: It is a fully managed serverless No SQL Database,ideal for building mobile and web applications and leaderboards in gaming at global scale with advanced security features.

  • Cloud Memory Store : It is ideal for application caches and data access.

  • Firebase Real Time Database : It is a  NoSQL database hosted in cloud that allows  users to store and sync data in real time. It allows users to store, sync and query app data on a large scale.

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