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Google Cloud Anthos

Anthos is an application service for hybrid cloud & workload management that mainly runs on G.K.E(Google Kubernetes Engine). This service helps in application development, hence it will have a great advantage for the growth of the organization.

Google Cloud Anthos

Google Cloud Anthos is an application management platform, which enables in modernizing the existing applications on hybrid and multi-cloud environments. It helps to create new cloud applications and run the application in a secure way anywhere. Anthos helps in accelerating the application development process. It makes consistency between the cloud environment and on-premise applications. It is built on open source technologies pioneered by Google including Kubernetes, Istio, and Knative.


Benefits of Using Anthos :

  • Modernization of applications in the cloud increases business insights.

  • Developers have the facility to deploy and run applications on cloud platforms without requiring admin access.

  • With modern infrastructure, the developers can save time while developing the VM and they will focus more on the application development.

Services and Integrations for Anthos :

  • Scale seamlessly with deployment

  • Fully managed SLA

  • Log management in real-time

  • Automatic optimization

Anthos also manages the policies and the security at deployment which helps to create multi-cluster hybrid cloud for role-based access control.

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