CHEKIN : Legacy of on Premise Email Services on Cloud

CHEKIN previously known as GASSO : Legacy of on Premise Email Services on Cloud

CHEKIN : Legacy of on Premise Email Services on Cloud

While the topic may seem a bit confusing, but using CHEKIN for G-SUITE account means verbatim the same. There are multiple reasons for organizations to use an on-premise email service, few of which are shown below. 


1. Security and privacy: For many companies data is important and for others, there are market regulatory constraints upon choosing a technical solution that will inevitably store that data. In some cases, the only way to conform with regulations is to have the full control of the data and this is one of the primary reasons why many companies opt for an on-premise solution.


2. Usage restricted in the organization: An organization may want to restrict the usability of their G-Suite account within their premises. That is when CHEKIN comes into play to help out with restricting the login to an account based on the IP from where the user is accessing.


Learn about CHEKIN upon integration of which, you will have all the features you expect from an on-premise email solution.


CHEKIN is a secure authentication system that reduces the burden of login for your users, by enabling them to sign-in with their Google account—the same account they already use with Gmail, Play, Google+, and other Google services. It is a gateway to connect with Google’s users and services in a secure manner. It is developed on the Google App Engine Platform using Google Appengine and G Suite API's as well as optimized for seamless integration with the Google Cloud Platform.

Product Differentiators

1. Abstracts the complex Google Platform API’s

2. Extra features along with SSO for G Suite accounts login

3. Runs on Google App Engine

4. Integrated with world-class SMTP Servers

Advantages of CHEKIN over other products

It is well-known fact that Google App Engine lets you run web applications on Google's infrastructure. App Engine applications are easy to build, easy to maintain, and easy to scale as your traffic and data storage needs grow. With App Engine, there are no servers to maintain; You just upload your application, and it's ready to serve your users. CHEKIN takes care of the SSO functionality and Google App Engine takes care of the rest.

Appengine is built to scale; it can scale from 1 to 1 million users without any issues as this is done automatically by the Appengine Servers. To achieve this scaling, Appengine API is modeled so that the applications built using the API are scalable too. This is where CHEKIN comes handy as it was built with the Appengine API’s from the start, thereby fine tuning all the hiccups faced during implementation making it a Robust G Suite SSO Application.

CHEKIN Feature List

IP Restrictions

If single sign-on is enabled for your organization, users cannot log into G Suite accounts unless their IP address is included on your organization’s list of trusted IP addresses or on their profile. It also provides you the feature to add ranges of IP addresses in case if it is required which increases the flexibility of the product.

IP restriction based on Organizational Units

An organization may require to enable IP restriction only for certain organizational units. CHEKIN provides the option to insert the names of the organizational units in the list by doing which, only the users from the listed units will be restricted if logged in from any other network, whose IP is not listed.



User Bypass

If IP restriction is enabled for your organization and there are certain users which need to be excluded from getting restricted to login due to IP, those users can be bypassed by adding their email ids on the user bypass list.


Device Bypass

In similar manner, if IP restriction is enabled for your organization and you need to give access to any particular, from where IP restriction can be bypassed and logged in by any user, you need to generate Device Id by clicking on the option provided and adding the same in the device bypassing list of your organization.
The Device Id generated is stored as cookie in the local system for identification while logging in. CHEKIN  also has the option to provide privilege to other users to generate Device Id from any system. This helps in case there are lots of systems to enable device and admin can distribute the workload by assigning the task to multiple users.



Bypassing all Mobile Devices

CHEKIN also has the feature to enable or disable the IP restriction for mobile devices. This helps out in case a user wants to login from Gmail native application.


Force Resetting of Password

CHEKIN provides the feature to force users, if enabled, to change their passwords after a certain interval of time, which Google also strongly recommends. You just need to provide the number of days after which the passwords should be changed, CHEKIN will take care of the rest by forcing the user to change password, when they try to login after the mentioned number of days.


Custom Logo

Organizations may want to put their own custom logo in the SSO login page while logging into their G Suite account. CHEKIN provides the option to upload logo which will be displayed in the login page for your domain.

Custom html in login page

CHEKIN has its own login page html display. But it also has the feature for an organization to customize their own html text or image to display in the login page.



Two Step Verification

By enabling this option, the user will receive an OTP as SMS in his/her registered mobile number, on validating which, access will be given to login into his/her account. Wrong OTP insertion will restrict the user from logging in.



Captcha on Login Failure

CHEKIN provides the option to enable the captcha on one-time login failure. That means, if a user provides incorrect credential for the first time, the next time he/she tries to login, has to go through captcha verification to get access.


Signature Setup


Chekin provides the option to set a signature for all the users in the domain. That means if admin sets a signature format that will be applied to every user and will set according to their name, address and other details. Signature will be applied to every user at a particular time in every 24 Hours.


Group Management


Chekin provides the option for group management. That means you can add bulk members to any group using Chekin. Whereas from G Suite admin panel only 25 users can be added to a group at a time. And also you can create a G Suite group exactly with the same features that you will get when created using G Suite admin panel.


Pricing Plans



Yearly Plan

CHEKIN user licenses

$ 5/user/year

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