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Changes to Google Group Settings

The Group Settings changes that will come into effect from 6th of May, 2019 will affect both the Admin as well as the end users as it will help them configure and manage the groups in an easier and smoother way.

Changes to Google Group Settings

Google is likely to bring updates regarding the Group Settings in the Admin Console of G Suite. The changes will be implemented from the 6th of May, 2019.


With regards to the various feedback received by Google, they decided to make the settings of Group a lot easier and manageable for the users and also will be easy to configure. The extra rarely used settings are to be removed and the similar functionality ones are to be combined. These changes will affect the interface of and also the API’s used to manage the same. The Admins, as well as the End Users, will be affected in this.

Few of the users who are not group managers or owners but then have access to group management features may lose access.


It is recommended that the admins should audit the groups in their organization and accordingly adjust the settings before the 6th May, 2019 in order to avoid the loss of access. The admins can take the help of what’s changing and how you can prepare for the changes and also what’s changing and how you can prepare for the changes.

For End Users, they need to support the group audits as decided by the Admins.


The changes that will take place once the new settings take effect:

  • New groups created will get the default controls that are already there currently.

  • The Group owners will have to change the settings that apply to their existing groups as well as new groups.

  • The already existing settings of the group will be updated to conform to the new controls.


Google will notify about the upcoming changes with an in-product message whenever they are going to use Groups. This message will redirect them to the Help Center for the overview of the changes which will take place.

The Group APIs can be used to get a list of all the groups and their respective group owners of the respective organization which will assist in the preparation of the changes.

Below are two screenshots of the Group settings of the Admin Console. The changes will come into effect in this section of the console.


Screenshot from a particular Group window.


Settings window from that Group.


The Dates specified for the Rollouts:


  • For Rapid Release Domains: It will roll out gradually from 6th of May 2019 with up to 15 days of feature visibility.

  • For Scheduled Release Domains: It will roll out gradually from 6th of May 2019 for all G Suite Editions( Basic, Business, Enterprise) with up to 15 days of feature visibility.

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