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Skip the coding. Build applications with GIFFY in minimal time.

GIFFY is a framework on top of which you can develop business application with minimal coding.

It is developed using Google Appengine and G Suite API's. It is optimized for seamless integration with the Google cloud platform. It simplifies business application development on the Google Cloud Platform by creating an abstraction over the core platform and empowering end users with a Model Driven approach rather than the traditional development cycle. Streamline development with GIFFY.

The Bundle Of GIFFY Apps

  • Infiflex

    Sales Force Automation

  • Infiflex

    Human Resource Management Solution

  • Infiflex

    Ticketing System

  • Infiflex

    Email and Collaboration

  • Infiflex

    Customized Applications

Your Business Growth, Guided By GIFFY

  • Platform Independent
  • Inbuilt Tools:
    • User and Group Management
    • Integration with external systems to exchange data between applications and much more.
    • Calendar and Event Management, tightly integrated with G Suite.
    • Google Maps Integration for location plotting, User tracking, Asset/Store tracking.
    • Custom Reports can be generated at Runtime. Reports can be generated in Excel, PDF, CSV formats.
    • Report to generate your custom reports at Runtime.
    • Query Engine to make queries to database on demand.
  • Runtime implementation of Business Rules and Workflows
  • Dynamic Table Creation
  • Replicate Application

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